1st Birth

Just got to attend my first birth... WOW!!! 

Although I could sense the dr wasn't very doula friendly so I wasn't as hands on as I would have liked.  He didn't support the perineum as well as I would have liked which resulted in a second degree tear.  He also didn't recommend nursing to get the placenta to detach naturally.  Perhaps he was just tired.  He was a nice man. 

The positive though... a beautiful 7lb 14 ounce boy hypnobirthed 100% natural.  While there the nurse also told me that doula's are now allowed in triage.  :)  YAY!!!  The rule still applies that there is only 1 person allowed in at once, but at least we can be a part of that too.

I can tell that I am now addicted to helping mama's.  How amazing :)

All of the nurses were extremely helpful and very supportive of our role in the birthing area.  I can not say enough for how amazing they all were. 

May you all have wonderful doula experiences.

Love and Light,



I've found a cute little avatar to use :)  I found it on this site.

How adorable :)

I've got my first client.  Their little bundle of joyous goodness is due on Feb 27, 2009.  I can't wait :)

We've been attending Marie's Hypnobirthing classes.  I heart her.  She's wonderful.

I've heard from a few doula's that Hypnobirthing mom's are confusing to figure out.  They are use to the tell tale signs and with these splendidly calm mom's there's just no signs.  Just calm, peace and tranquility. 

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of this birth, and to have my first birth to be one including hypnobirthing :) 

Hope everyone is well :)



I have decided to create a journal in which I can share all of the information I have come across on a subject that I am very fond of.  I figured it would be rather interesting to blog about my adventure into becoming a doula and hope you enjoy it as much as I will.

I am planning on eventually becoming a midwife but with the current goings on in the Sask health care system I'm not sure when that will be an option here.

I am the mother of a beautiful 2.5 year old girl named Ella and we are currently trying for more as we have big hearts and feel like there is room for more children in our family.

I took my first doula class in England in 2007.  It was a post natal doula course through early nurture which can be found here.  It was through Pam Lacey and was very amazing.  It also included training with breast feeding.

I have recently moved back to Canada with my husband and 2.5 year old daughter and on the December 5th, 6th weekend had the pleasure of taking a CAPPA birth doula course with Sonya Duffee. 

I am now working towards my certification with CAPPA Canada and am looking forward to my first birthing experience.

Hope everyone finds this helpful and enjoyable,